Lash Extension Stain Mascara & Wunderbrow Brush Dual Precision Brush

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The Mascara

• An easy alternative to lash tint: this mascara lasts for up to 3 days!

• Totally waterproof mascara! Get natural looking lashes with this length and volume black mascara that doesn't smudge for up to 72 hours!

• Get 3D length - with mini volume lash extensions built into the mascara, it's an easy alternative to false lashes!

• If you like your mascara black, try this intense black stain finish. Remove with an oil-based remover.


The Brush

• Get your best looking brows with this dual-ended brow brush, specially designed to be used with WUNDERBROW - our long lasting, waterproof eyebrow gel

• The angled brush creates light feathery strokes on the brow area to mimic fine hair-like strokes for the most natural look

• The spoolie end looks like a mascara and it is using to separate, define & smooth.

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